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Reassuring and professional

"I hired Ruth for a venue change motion back in June 2018. The end result is that the venue change was granted and the judge also appointed me the temporary custodian of my children. We never met in person but Ruth was quick to respond to all my questions and to reach out to me with updates. She was reassuring through this stressful process. She has an excellent knowledge of the local family law climate". 

So helpful and responsive!

"I'm representing myself and filed forms incorrectly to the point the opposing party is requesting a dismissal. Ruth responded several times explaining in layman's terms what all this means. Thank you Ruth!"

So helpful and responsive!

"Ruth Esparza is a true professional family law attorney. Ruth is respected by the judges and other attorneys. Ruth took my family law case and help me get my family back together. Because of her work, my life is now on track. Ruth knew exactly what she was doing, and explained the situation to me in a way that I could understand. Ruth is tough, and also compassionate and kind. Ruth knows how to get the job done the right way, with good strategies. I would still be in a bad situation, if it wasn’t for her expertise and professional work ethic. I am very grateful for all that she had done for me."

Shadan Kapri, Attorney

"Ruth is one of the smartest and most perseverent attorneys that I know. She goes the extra mile for clients and leaves no stone unturned. I endorse this attorney and would personally refer her to any family or friend that needed legal services."

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